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100% Pure Love II Passion / 100 % Cista Laska II Vasen Open Bodies/Les corps Ouverts
800 Two Lap Runners Pansexual Public Porn
A Bit Of Scarlet Patti Smith Supports Jonas Mekas
A Kiss In The Snow / Kysset Som Fikk Snøen Til Å Smelte Paulo & His Brother / Paulo et son Frère
Above The Sea / Au dessous de la Mer Peppermills
Arrow Shot Pierre et Gilles
Ballheads Pointing Percy - Men's Room
Bent Relax... It's Just Sex
Blue Diary Reno Finds Her Mom
Boundless Rid Of It
Broadway Damage Ron Athey: It’s Scripted
China Dolls Sex Change, Shock! Horror! Probe!
Close To Sink Or Swim
Cross-Dressing in Trickfilmen Skip!
Dance With Me Sleep Come Free Me
Dandy Dust Some Prefer Cake
Der Fluß / He Liu St. Pelagius The Penitent
Die Nacht und der Augenblick Surrender Dorothy
Switch To Where The Flavour Is
Franchesca Page Tabu V
Gewässer des Grauens Tausend Ameisen
Girls / Meninas Temptation
Goodbye To Love The Ambiguously Gay Duo #5 –
Gotta Have Heart The Brandon Teena Story
Hamam – Das türkische Bad The Cream Will Rise
Happy Birthday / Parabéns The Hanging Garden
High Art The Man In Her Life / Ang Lalaki Sa Buhay Ni Seya
Homo Economics The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru
Intimates/Chi So The Third Party
Just For You Girls The Unknown Cyclist
Just Out Of Reach The Well
k.d.lang: Live In Sydney This Road Will Never End
Knickers Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan
Land der Stille Top Of The World
Letzte Tropfen Travelling Companion
Like It Is Twisted Sheets
Looking For Another Girl Vanilla Lament
Madonna-Nacht Village Voices
Man Is A Woman/L'Homme est une Femme comme les Autres Waves
Matroos Wounded Bird
My Pal Rachid / Mon Copain Rachid Yearlong Boyfriend
Not Simply A Wedding Banquet Your Kiss