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Welcome to the 28th Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to get directly in touch with us. We strongly advise that you buy your tickets in advance. Everything you need to know about tickets sales can be found here. The festival brochure can be found at selected outlets or pick up your copy from the festival office in the Schanzenstraße.

Opening Night Gala + Opening Film: “Political Animals”
Kampnagel, Tuesday, 17th October at 7.30 pm. Lobby opens at 6.30 pm


Everything has a beginning, but we’ve found two. A fabulous moderation duet from the capital: Kaey is an editor at a big queer magazine, singer and trans* activist. Together with the performance artist and force of nature, Hans Kellet, she will carry you through the fulminant Opening Gala into the festival week.

The festival opens with a film introducing you to four impressive Political Animals. An award-winning documentary about four lesbian members of the California assembly and senate (1996–2012) who consequently opposed conservative colleagues and empowered the sociopolitical relevance of LGBT rights often in the face of obnoxious insults. Their tenacity lead to ground-breaking legislative changes paving the way for other states in the US to follow suit. Numerous excerpts of parliamentary speeches testifies to the vehemence of their political stance: “It doesn’t pay to be a good girl. You need to be a bad girl.”

Hit in the middle: “Apricot Groves”

Passage 1, Thursday, 20th October at 8.15 pm

Aram, who’s been living in the U.S. since childhood, returns for the first time to Armenia, to ask the conservative family of his Armenian girlfriend for her hand in marriage. His brother, Vartan, whom he hasn’t seen since emigrating, helps him face the old traditions and difficult family stories awaiting him there and beyond the Armenian-Iranian border. Written and directed by Tehran-based Pouria Heidary Oureh (invited), this quiet and introspective feature film beautifully illustrates life across borders.

Closing Film: “A Moment in the Reeds”

Passage 1, Sunday, 22nd October at 5.30 pm

After some years in Paris studying literature, Leevi returns to Finland for the summer to help his father renovate the holiday home. His father has never really accepted Leevi’s homosexuality. Tareq, a recent refugee from Syria, and qualified architect who cannot work in his profession due to language difficulties, is sent to help out with the renovation work. When Leevi’s father returns to the city on business, Tareq and Leevi discover common interests and strong feelings for one another.


Closing Night Ceremony

Metropolis, Sunday, 22nd October at 9.00 pm; reception from 8.00 pm in the Metropolis Bar


The awards night begins with a reception and complimentary drinks at the Metropolis Bar, before moving into the cinema for the the ceremony. How did the audience vote? What film has been awarded by the jury? Are they among your favourite films?

The winners of the three URSULAs and the MADE IN GERMANY prize will be screened, as well as excerpts from the GLOBOLA, the DOKULA and the JURY PRIZE. Enjoy yet another festival highlight, and in a relaxed atmosphere, discussing your experiences over the festival week and getting to know some of the filmmakers.

Festival Photos
galerievorschaubild2010To whet your appetite for the upcoming filmic and social delights, check out the pictures of last year’s festival… and the year before… and the year before that… and…

Have fun looking around!

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The 20th Anniversary Book

20 Jahre Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg
Männerscharm Verlag GmbH, 2009, edited by Dorothée von Diepenbroick, Skadi Loist 

This beautiful book celebrates the first 20 years of the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. Filled with history and photos, this is a must-have for German-speaking fans of the festival and queer cinema in general. Exclusively on sale directly from the film festival for the bargain price of only 10 € plus postage (5.50 € within Germany).

More info on how to order here. (in German)



The 25th Anniversary Film

25 Years of Queer Film and Community in Hamburg

Christina Magdalinou, Silvia Torneden, Ana Grillo, Germany 2014, 85', German/English with English subtitles

>>Trailer ACTING OUT

The first 25 years of the festival was captured on film and is available on DVD! Christina Magdalinou and Silvia Torneden spent a short year and a half making the film, supported by Ana Grillo, Monika Treut and many many friends. They filmed, interviewed, gleaned the archives, watched hours of footage and edited reams of material. The resulting documentary entertainingly brings across both the unique atmosphere and 25-year history of the festival, and above all, illuminates the complex mesh that both forms and carries it.


Available from filmmakers or directly from the festival office, Schanzenstr. 45.
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